The Relationship Between A Mother And A Child

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Ainsworth & Bell (1970) explains the relationship between a mother and a child, in regards to attachment and exploration. The article discusses the child’s attachment behavior during separation and reunion of the mother. Ainsworth & Bell (1970) research exemplifies the idea of nurture being the primary reason for some characteristics of attachment to lead into adulthood. Ainsworth & Bell (1970) believe that attachment to the mother increases explanatory behavior and separation causes insecurities towards the mother. This theory, nonetheless, has several impediments. While attachment behavior to the mother is crucial for the relationship among the infant and the mother, this is not the only relationship that is established among infants. Relationships with close family members and fathers need to be considered. White middle class families were used during the experiment, while the middle class is known to have a healthier lifestyle then lowercase families. Ainsworth & Bell (l970) lack to show variation among infants that grew up in a bad environment that could potentially play a factor among infant and mother attachmment. Ainsworth & Bell (1970) research is in nurture during early child development context; however the environment and connections made with people throughout a child’s life also shape attachment characteristics among children.
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Ainsworth & Bell (1970) experiment demonstrates the interaction between a
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