Introduction.. Service Users Expect Social Workers To Intervene

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Service users expect Social workers to intervene in their lives when they are facing difficult or challenging situations. To do that we have to understand the service user 's life, their relationships and their environment as a whole. In addition to using our professional judgments in dealing with service users and offering support to them, we are guided by theories, models, and approaches. Theories help social workers to describe, explain and predict what is happening in the service user 's life, why it happened and what might happen next. (Maclean and Harrison, 2015 page 9)
For the purpose of confidentiality, I will be using Joan throughout this assignment as she is my primary focus. Joan is 76 years, widowed as she had …show more content…

I will be focusing mainly on Joan? s physical and social needs, assessing what service package will be available to meet her needs. I will also be using a Task-centered approach to help Joan maintain and improve her physical well-being as a lack of exercise, overweight, and other factors are at risk for a stroke occurring or reoccurring. (NHS Choices). I will try to understand how the nature of Joan?s past and present relationships can affect her physical and mental wellbeing, and the attachment theory will help me analyze and generate ideas.

Attachment Theory

In 1958, the Attachment theory came into existence. It was developed by John Bowlby on the notion that the quality of the parent -child relationship was essential for development and mental health (Howe, 2011, pg, 7). This thinking was in the context of distress shown by children when separated from their parents or when in unfamiliar surroundings. While having credit for the emergence of the attachment theory, Bowlby subsequently carried out a lot of research work with Mary Ainsworth concluding that children view their attachment figures as both a ?safe haven? to return to for comfort and protection and also a ?secure base? from which to explore their environment. The birth of children gives rise to the need to feel loved and wanted by caregivers, (Maclean and Harrison,2015 pg, 103), the absence of which might result in a range of behaviors to either

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