The Relationship Between Gender And Inequality

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This essay will outline how disability is an issue that entails both equality and gender. Inequalities regarding disabilities are widely discussed however gender issues related to disabilities are rarely expressed as a topical issue. This essay will highlight the strong correlation between gender and disability, while also addressing the relationship between inequalities and disability.
Firstly, it is imperative to define ‘disability’ itself, disability can be defined, as in the disability Act 2005 as, any ‘physical, emotional or cognitive impairment sufficiently serious to impede performance of one or more major life activities and so to limit function significantly (, 2005). Either their actual impairments or the social …show more content…

Disability is prevalent in Ireland whether we are fully aware of it’s extent or not, in 2012 12% of the population above the age of fifteen identified as having a disability. There is substantial literature and awareness raising about inequality regarding disability in Ireland and globally, however when it comes to how gender in society affects those living with disabilities, the topic can be easily overlooked.
It is widely commented on in literature that previously and even in society today, those living with disabilities are subject to inequalities in daily life. Like other categories of identity disability is multidimensional, society has shifted from seeing disability as ‘evil and abnormal’ in medieval history to a more ‘inclusive social model of disability’ (Baker, 2009). However, there are still massive inequalities endured by those with disabilities, we can still see that disabled people are excluded from many aspects of economic, social, political and cultural life. Many of these people feel they are being forced into the ‘margins of society’ (Morris, 1991). There is a misrepresentation of disabled people in the media

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