The Relationship Between Marketing And Consumer Behaviour And A Marketing Strategy Essay

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D : The importance of consumer behaviour to Marketers in 2015 The relationship between consumer behaviour and a marketing strategy was proposed by Donal Rogan (2007) as being ‘about increasing the probability and frequency of buyer behaviour. Requirements for succeeding in doing this are to know the customer and understand the consumer’s needs and wants’. It is important to note that consumer behaviour is an on-going process, something which is infinite and this is where the idea of linking it with digital marketing becomes evident. Consumer behaviour is made up of 3 major phases: pre-consumption, consumption and post-consumption. Each of these phases have the possibility to take place on-line in a virtual setting and it is up to the digital marketer to understand the consumers’ needs at each stage of the process in order to take full advantage of the potential sale. III : The link between marketing and consumer behaviour – a psychoanalytical approach A : Importance of Psychology in Marketing Psychology is something which has always been present however it is often intertwined, confused and even forgotten about. Marketers who acknowledge the importance of psychology taken the consumers behaviour into consideration during the development of their marketing strategy and thus, create a relationship with the consumer which essentially adds to the positivity of the strategy and its overall success. According to Mummert (2010), Psychology—largely defined as the study of
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