The Relationship Between Music And Music

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Music seems to have become a main trend in the world today. Music is everywhere, whether in bookstores, cosmetic stores or supermarkets. According to research, there are 51% of people who listen to music every day, 26% almost every day, and only 1% of people who never listen to music (Surveys, 2017). In this essay, first, we are going to discuss the relationship developed through music cloud. Second, how technology both improves music and bring problems. Third, we will also introduce the relationship between music and memory. Last, as we mentioned that music is popular now, so students are willing to choose music as their major and parents also want to their child learn music when they are young.

Artists do not have enough space and time to connect with their audiences and fans due to a high control of agency companies. For example, Nine Inch Nails used to under control by a company, but they became free in 2008. They created their website in order to connect with their fans and encourage them to upload and remix music (Wikström,2013). This behaviour not only helps them to be closer to their fans but also earn more money (Wikström,2013). Therefore, music cloud is starting to become more popular based on these basic principles. There are three dimensions of music cloud (Wikström,2013). Firstly, music industry today has strong connectivity and weak control compared to the past. In this stage, because the internet media is so ubiquitous, it is much easier for audiences to

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