The Relationship Between Police And Community Relations

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Human relations refer to the personal environment that people create among themselves, such as; they get built out of respect and likeness for each other. Public relations refer to the kind of rapport created by those in authority to their subjects. Community relations refer to the acts that corporations and entities perform to the surrounding person voluntarily (Goffman, 2009). Examples of the three kinds of connections are:  A love relationship  Manager-worker relationship  Sponsoring of a sporting event by a multinational, respectively. Question 2 Immigrants to the United States of America carry along their cultural identities. In a state that there are several minority groups, it is typical for a clash of culture to occur (Dempsey, 2013). Law enforcement officers have to always look out for ways of handling the new cultures within their jurisdiction. There is no one size that fits all when it comes to policing and culture. For proper policing, law enforcement officers need to understand how to deal with persons from different cultural backgrounds (Maguire & Wells, 2009). Question 3 Haitians had decided to flee their home because of political persecution and poverty in Haiti. At first, immigrants from Haiti were thought to be drug smugglers. In the first days of immigrants rushing from Haiti, they were taken to Miami for naturalization before the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) took charge at the entry point (Dempsey, 2013). The author of this piece

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