The Relationship Between Science And Religion

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In discussions of the relationship between science and religion, a controversial issue is whether science should be considered as much of a religion of say Christianity or Buddhism is. While some argue that science is factual and does not provide a basis to be a religion that should be followed, I, along with others, feel that when applied to their real life enough, scientist’s discoveries form as directions to follow to find their truth in life. I maintain this because scientist’s guidelines are similar, for example, to the commandments and lessons in the Bible that followers of Christ tend to obey. Nathanial Hawthorne’s two stories, “Rappaccini's Daughter ” and “The Birthmark” bring up the idea about how science can become a religion for the those who study it. I argue that for Aylmer and Rappaccini, the science they practice forms a religion that they use in their daily life.
Also, another way that Rappaccini's view about his science and how they determine his actions in life, shows me that science is his religion, is when Baglioni is convinced that Rappaccini has seen Giovanni and therefore he is going to make Giovanni his next experiment. The professor exclaims that “He has seen you! For some purpose or other, this man of science is making a study of you...It is the same that coldly illuminates his face as he bends over a bird, a mouse, or a butterfly…” According to Hawthorne Rappaccini does not see the difference between a human and an bug or insect. For the

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