Relationship Between Science And Religion

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Experience played an important role in the development of theology through the centuries from the early years of Plato and Aristotle with their ideas of idealism and realism to Francis Bacon (1561-1626) who believed in a method of inductive logic. Rene Descartes (1596-1650) allowed science and theology to each have their own sovereign realm. Conflicting ideas between science and religion began to develop during the nineteenth century.
During the twentieth century people began to believe that all human knowledge was scientific knowledge. Research either proved or disproved theories of the earth’s origin. People began to question the supremacy of science on the basis of the very premises that brought it to power, namely, objectivity, …show more content…

Historical theology takes into consideration how people responded to the gospel revelation and biblical theology seeks to understand revelation itself as it unfolds.
From Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Abraham and the people of Israel travelling to the Promised Land right through to today’s society experience has played a role in how humanity has studied “God”.
In Genesis Adam and Eve began their experience with “God” as being fearful. God created them in his own image and due to a weakness of humanity they fell from grace. Their communion with “God” was broken. “Fear” has been instinctive to humanity ever since. Every individual in the human race has the element of “fear”. 2.
Abraham and Sarah didn’t have sufficient trust and faith in “God” to wait for what had been promised to them. Instead they attempted to control their own destiny not waiting on “God’s” plan for them. By intercepting “God’s” ultimate plan they caused themselves much suffering and torment. Several times Abraham acted out of “fear” and sacrificed Sarah to save his own life. Pharaoh returned Sarah to Abraham and he continued on his journey. This story emphasized God’s commitment to Abraham in spite of his failure. It is fascinating that Abraham and Sarah laugh at God and yet God took their laughter and made it part of the promise. This says something profound

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