The Relationship Between Time And Human Behavior

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Life has its way of turning an individual’s attention to better understanding the overall course of life. One may experience different transitions, and turning points as well as particular life events and family experiences that may influence the developmental trajectories of life. The Moore Family- Ed, Jessica, Derrick, Terrance, Debbie and Barbara- all have stories that have unfolded over a period of time. One of the useful ways I will attempt to explain the Moore’s family stories, and the relationship between time and human behavior, is the life course perspective. The life course perspective maintains that chronological age, relationships, common life transitions, and social change shape people’s lives from birth to death (Hutchinson, 2013). Timing is very important.

Themes Themes are life patterns that re-occur in people’s lives over a period of time. There are six major themes that explain the life course perspective; however, I will only utilize three of them, timing of lives, human lives and historical times, and human agency in making choices- to explain how they all interplay within the Moore’s family developmental trajectories.
Timing of lives
Barbara is 78 years old, which means her young adulthood would have been during the sixties. Her son Ed, is a product of the baby boomers era. The Baby Boomer era is one of the themes of this family. Ed and Jessica are a part of the “trailing edge boomers”, born between the years 1956 and 1964. The Boomers grew

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