Time 's Punishment And Reward

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Time’s Punishment and Reward “Time crumbles things; everything grows old under the test of time and is forgotten through the lapse of time.”- Aristotle. When we think of time, it 's very hard to explain what exactly what it is, but it 's simply the concept that it 's a measurement of how long events take place for. Everything imaginable is affected by time, it takes time for events to even occur, but most of all, time affects sentient beings the most. More specifically I’m referring to humans, ourselves, because we are the most advanced species as we know of so far and that we are capable of the creation of the “unknown.” From what I mean by this creation of the “unknown” is that humans have been evolving,improving, with increases of intelligence to think, “create”, the modern technology we have today and are capable of creating immeasurable amounts of items and ideas, we are able to shape our own futures. Even so that each and everyone of us, humans, are capable of greatness, each and everyone of us have flaws, weaknesses. Well for every human, alive or deceased, are still affected by time, and it is what time is that makes it the most fatal of our weaknesses but greatest resource. This weakness is that all humans have is time, time is a restraint itself and as with many humans, as well as myself one of our greatest weaknesses and there is no way to overcome it only to move on with our lives like time itself. We humans are incapable of controlling time, but are

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