The Relationship Of Bilbo And The Hobbit Clans

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Hobbits l reach legal majority with 33 years, thought socially they are usually considered adults around 30. Their tween-years are equivalent to human teenage-years.

Bagginses – one of the largest, most influential Hobbit Clans. At the time of Quest, Bilbo is indeed head of the family at the moment and the other relations are canon as well, his position strengthened by him being one of Gerontius “The Old” Took’s grandsons and a cousin of the current Thain. Camellia’s siblings and the part about the three years the position as head of a family can be held by the Thain, however, are entirely made up. I figured it would be a reasonable timeframe.

Bandobras “the Bullroarer” Took – son of Thain Isumbras II Took and with 4.5 foot a notable large Hobbit, large enough to ride an actual horse; famous for slaying a goblin leader in the Battle of Greenfields in T.A. 2747. It’s said he cut off head of the goblin and flew 100 yards into rabbit-hole, by way of which golf was invented. He also had “many descendants”. …show more content…

What actually happened is that Bandobras was terrified and tried to flee Massacre of Greenfields, as the Hobbits call it. He got turned around and instead charged right at the Orcs. The surviving Hobbits had seen too many horrors to hold it against Bandobras and couldn’t make themselves tell Bandobras’ husband and his many nieces and nephews the truth straight away. Bilbo’s rather unkind description of Bandobras has nothing to do with how Bandobras is viewed in the Shire, but his anger towards

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