The Relevence of Free Will

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Genetics play a huge part in who we are. But we also have free will. -Aidan Quinn Basically this quote is saying how we are raised in the home determines a big factory of how discipline we are however we still must take into consideration that we are still held accountable for our action regardless. Although how we were raised in the home play a major role with the choices we make in our entire lives as an individual. I do believe that morals have a strong factor in free will and determinism. Homes that teach morals and values in life have a strong factor in with their social behavior skill. Free Will is relevant within the criminal justice sector because I do believe the vast majority do have control of what they which is why they should be held accountable for their actions as well. However, determinism does have a strong relevance within the criminal justice system as well. The reason for my bias answer is because those who have clinically proven diagnoses of psychological mental disorder should be taken into consideration when committing crime. When one research the word free will the word is define as the ability to choose how to act (Free Will, n.d.). Then when researching the word determinism is defined as a theory or doctrine that acts of the will, occurrences in nature, or social or psychological phenomena are causally determined by preceding events or natural laws. Clearly the both are incompatible but they can work with each other in the criminal justice ethics
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