The Remembered Massacre : The Battle Of The Goliad Massacre

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Remember Goliad!”
Battle of the goliad massacre was on Oct 9, 1835 – Oct 10, 1835.
The texas general was James W Frannin. The goliad massacre The battle of the goliad massacre was a battle that lasted about thirty minutes.The general of mexico was Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.The Goliad Massacre hardened attitudes toward Santa Anna throughout the United States and inflamed and unified the Texas resistance.By the time the colonel ordered the retreat, it was too late.The finely bred, West Point-trained officer lingered for a while as a 1,400-man army led by Santa Anna’s chief lieutenant, General Jose de Urrea, closed in on Goliad.The battle of the goliad massacre was in Presidio La Bahía, Goliad.Sam Houston ordered James Frannin to evacuate his 400 soldiers from Goliad and retreat to Victoria , a town 30 miles to the east behind the natural defense of the Guadalupe River.Santa Anna’s ruthless treatment of the captured soldiers had the opposite effect than what he intended.When one of their carts fell into the San Antonio River, the colonel told his men to halt and retrieve it.The Alamo!” His men thundered a reply with an addendum: “Remember the Alamo! Instead of taking cover in the nearby woods, Fannin ordered his men to form a square on an open prairie near Coleto Creek.Whether indecisive, stubborn or loyal to the rebels away on missions whom he did not want to abandon, Fannin remained in Goliad until the morning of March 19. The Alamo! Instead, the Mexican commanding officer shot Fannin in the face, burned his body with the others and kept the timepiece as a war prize.Fannin,had to get there fast for his safety as the orders he received on March 14, 1836.“This show of generosity after a hotly contested engagement is worthy of the highest commendation,” Urrea wrote to Santa Anna, “and I can do no less than to commend it to your Excellency.”Santa Anna, however, had no desire for such mercy.The death toll would have been even higher if not for a Mexican woman known as the “Angel of Goliad” who convinced a Mexican colonel to spare the lives of approximately 20 doctors, orderlies and interpreters.Less than a month later, as Houston prepared his men for the decisive Battle of San Jacinto that would earn Texas its

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