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  • The Goliad Massacre

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    What is the Goliad Massacre? The Goliad Massacre was a horrific battle that took place on March 27, 1836. In the battle of Goliad, the alamo fought against the Mexicans, losing and being destroyed completely by the mexicans. The alamo was a fighting group full of Texas rebels trying to seek independence from Mexico. The alamo were settled with all of their supplies and out of nowhere, a sneak attack of the mexicans took place. Mexicans charged at the alamo smart and with strategy. The alamo were

  • The Remembered Massacre : The Battle Of The Goliad Massacre

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    Remember Goliad!” Battle of the goliad massacre was on Oct 9, 1835 – Oct 10, 1835. The texas general was James W Frannin. The goliad massacre The battle of the goliad massacre was a battle that lasted about thirty minutes.The general of mexico was Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.The Goliad Massacre hardened attitudes toward Santa Anna throughout the United States and inflamed and unified the Texas resistance.By the time the colonel ordered the retreat, it was too late.The finely bred, West Point-trained

  • Case Analysis : Food Products

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    Client Profile: Established in Salem, Oregon, USA in 1935, Oregon Fruit Products (referred to as “OFP” hereafter) is a canned fruit and berry provider. OFP provides specialty canned whole fruits, 17 different aseptic purees (tailored toward brewing companies), canned purees, and bottled frozen purees. All of OFP products and processing areas are free of corn syrup, artificial dyes, major food allergens, and common sensitizing agents such as gluten. OFP is a certified organic processor that uses non-BPA-lined

  • What is a Social Movement?

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    the Republic Party, succeeded. In the 2004 presidential election, the Left had a weak connection and relationship between local members and the national progressive group. The Left consolidated its grassroots campaigns to try to gain strength and connection. The Left operated these campaigns by hiring young people to canvass for them through professional organizations, such as the People Project. The experience that those young canvassers, who go to door to door, stand on streetcorners recruiting

  • Buying Favor: Why Congress Depends on Funding From Special Interests

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    Mayhew insists that elected officials view themselves as “problem-solvers,” hardly the mindset of nefarious villains concerned only with what they stand to gain from being in Washington, D.C. (130-131). Lessig later affirms that this dependence on campaign funding has led to both parties being unable to accomplish their partisan objectives. During his presidency, Ronald Regan established three central goals for

  • Why Was Gallipoli a Failure?

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    to land and fight in Turkey. This is where the famous battle of Gallipoli happened now known as ANZAC cove because of the horrific losses of the Australian forces in a so seemed futile and pointless battle. This essay highlights why the Gallipoli campaign was a failure. Winston Churchill was the head of navy and Lord Kitchener, was the general commander of the war effort, who persuaded the attempt on the attack on the Dardanelles strait, a narrow stretched of water that linked the Aegean and Marmara

  • Geico - Advertising Management

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    The average person encounters more than 600 advertisements per day through an expanding variety of media. As GEICO’s V.P. of Advertising, I understand that choices must be made. We simply can not afford to make mistakes. Our ads need to be effective. The basic premise is that we want our ads to be noticed and memorable resulting in action taken by the consumer. A creative brief has been designed and will be utilized as a ‘road map’ in helping us answer two important questions – One “Who are

  • The Battle of Gettysburg Essay

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    The Battle of Gettysburg The beginning of the campaign of Gettysburg began after Lee won in Chancellorsville. He knew that if the South were to win a decisive battle in the North then European powers might shift in favor of the South and they might begin helping them. Lee also needed supplies and food for his army which the North had plenty of. Before Lee invaded though, he had to go to Richmond, Virginia and consult the President of the South, Jefferson Davis. It did not take much convincing

  • Nike Brand Analysis

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    signed the media revealed his involvement in a sexual assault case. Any involvement certainly didn¡¦t reflect Nike¡¦s mission or image therefore Nike decided to lay low on Kobe¡¦s contract. Now after the case has been settled Nike has begun its ad campaigns with Kobe as its spokesperson. However, his ad has a twist. It is Kobe¡¦s profile against a dark background and on the left side it mentions several tasks with accomplishments. Although the ad doesn¡¦t mention Kobe¡¦s involvement in the case directly

  • Use of Technology in Election Campaigns

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    John McCain engaged with people by using Social media. But there were many apparent discrepancies between Obama’s use and his opposition use of social media as their medium to communicate with people. Obama’s use of Social media in 2008 election campaign can be compared to former President John F. Kennedy’s use of television. Besides using email and website, Obama focused on Social Media to activate the young voters. His extensive use of Social Media appeared to be the major factor in