The Renaissance Of 17th Century Italy Essay

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The Renaissance of 14th century Italy is often most revered as a cultural movement based on humanism, which lead to an increase, in education and social involvement for certain groups of people. The Renaissance in 15th century England was ultimately influenced by Italy, but had distinct developments of its own. As one may expect equal benefits for all classes and genders during this period of rapid change, the status of women did not particularly differ during this time period. Many would even argue that their presence diminished in comparison to their medieval counterparts. This essay will argue for the limited opportunities for women in education, politics, and paid labour during Early Modern Europe in Italy and England, which ultimately barred them from obtaining what many consider a contemporary understanding of a “Renaissance.” Before exploring their restricted status, it is important to understand that most histories of women were written by men, and their conditions were elevated by misogynistic interpretations of certain contexts, especially the bible. Although certain authorities were challenged in this time period (including histories of women written by men), the word of the church continued to retain a strong voice. Much of the attitudes of male intellectuals during Early Modern Europe came from inherited traditions from Christianity. In the popular story of Adam and Eve, Eve is often thought to be created to “alleviate the loneliness” of Adam, and that she
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