The Report Of The Mississippi River

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The Report of the Mississippi River River, land and natural resources are important parts for people’s daily lives, and its configurations represent how people affected the environment over 150 years. With the improvement of technology, people are able to utilize these technologies to remold the river levee; however, the impacts that came from people also brought some significant changes to the area. At the beginning, the inhabitants were some wildlife, such as ducks, geese, swans and wading birds. These animals utilized the river as a flyway and played above the river. Human beings did not enter this area until Native Americans had battles with intruders. The upper reaches of the Mississippi River have plenty of wetlands, which supports the basic living conditions for animals. Furthermore, the major meaning for first inhabitants was a location to settle down near the Mississippi river, because they were chased by the attackers. After they settled down near the Mississippi river, they set up their own tribes in this area. In general, most rivers are the cradles of civilization. For instance, the Changjiang river in China afforded the farmland, and people could obtain food resources by means of cultivating. The Mississippi river also had similar functions for the Native Americans, they had the opportunities to find the food resources, for instance, fish were the primary choice. In the report “Native

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