The Reporter Spoken With Landin And Monica Case Study

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The reporter spoken with Landin and Monica. Landin states that Monica and Kaylie got into an argument at breakfast time, the morning of 2-2-16. Kelvin (father) told Monica not to talk. He whipped her with a belt for talking (unknown what she was whipped with). He picked up a stool and pushed Monica into a bar. Kelvin squeezed Monica's neck and pushed her into a popcorn stand. Monica told the reporter that Kelvin choked her (the reporter did not see any marks). Monica walked into the reporter’s office fine, but after the reporter talked with her, Monica stated that she could barley walk. The nurse saw a blood vessel on her ankle, but did not see any bruises. The reporter saw an old yellow bruise to Monica's leg, and that bruise looked to be

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