Social Injustice in the Military Essay

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In September 1993, Katie Weber joined the U.S. Army at the age of 17. Six months after joining, Katie was given her first set of orders as a soldier and made her way to Germany. Eventually she ended up on a unit in Nuernberg-Fuerth, Germany. On her first week there, she was told that she would need to purchase a hot plate and pots if she wanted to cook for herself. But having not received her paycheck yet, she had no money with her. Her Staff Sergeant took her to the finance office to talk to the specialist there about her paycheck. While at the specialist's office, Katie made some small talk with the specialist, and had felt that she had truly made a new friend. That very same evening, people from Katie's unit invited her to attend an …show more content…

Katie remembered the Sergeant writing something on her chart regarding her claims of sexual assault, but taking no other action. Katie was then sent back with a medical exception due to her back pain. That same afternoon, as Katie entered her room, she found the financial specialist already in it. Having no idea how he got in, Katie was told that she may have AIDS and was told to take an AIDS test by the man, who also demanded her to show him the results. Katie was petrified with fear and felt as though she could no longer trust anyone. Katie proceeded to tell a female sergeant about the incident, who then told her male NCOIC. The NCOIC met with Katie privately and told her “I know what you are claiming, and all this talk about rape just needs to be over or it’s gonna get you in trouble.” Katie then went to sick call the next day and asked for an AIDS/HIV test so the specialist would leave her alone about getting one. Katie was asked by the nurses why she wanted this test, since she had one not too long ago. She explained to them that a soldier had forced himself on her and demanded this re-test. The nurses complied, but asked no further questions. Katie was harassed by her peers throughout the next couple of weeks. She explained that she woke up every day hating herself and the military and felt unprotected and uncared for. One

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