The Representation Of Idealism : The Greco Romans

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The Representation of Idealism
The Greco-Romans originated in circa 2000 BCE and lasted until 476 CE, a culture that thrived for over two millenia. It began and flourished in and around the Mediterranean Sea for many years. As the population continued to grow, the civilization gradually grew to India, Israel and even North Africa with military conquests and imperial forces. The Greco Roman civilization remained the hub of culture during the classical era and its influence can be seen even today in modern art, politics, language, education, philosophy, science, and architecture. The Greeks are well-known for expressing the culture and knowledge of the human through their art, specifically sculpture. The Greek sculpture developed as …show more content…

tall from the 1st-2nd century AD in Roman history. This idealistic statue of the wounded Amazon is located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The marble statue of a wounded Amazon exemplifies the human passion for idealism through the mythology of the Amazon society, her physical appearance and her heroic honor. Myths are shared sacred stories that reveal eternal truths about humankind and their quests in life. Greek mythology allow humans to observe the humans of their culture and understand their actions. The Amazons were a race of women warriors who were often mentioned in Greek mythology for being a matriarchy. They lived in Asia Minor and were primarilly known for their supreme skill in fighting and battles as women. The wounded Amazon helps convey the idealism of the Amazon race and their mythology. The Amazons were known for fighting many Greek heroes including Hercules, Bellepheron, and Theseus. According to Herodotus, “When the Greeks were at war with the Amazons, the story runs that after their victory on the Thermodon they sailed away carrying in three ships as many Amazons as they had been able to take alive; and out at sea the Amazons attacked the crews and killed them.” The Amazons were a fierce and brave race of women who won against the Greeks while on a boat. They display their idealistic warrior skills and personality through the mythology. The Amazons also defy the cultural norms of

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