The Representation of Gender in Bond's Films Goldeneye and Goldfinger

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The Representation of Gender in Bond's Films Goldeneye and Goldfinger

There are two films in particular that I have chosen to look at that show how the representation of gender in Bond movies has changed throughout the years. These two films are 'Goldeneye' and 'Goldfinger.'

There are many reasons that the representation of gender has changed between these two films. The most obvious being a change in society. The two films were made thirty one years apart. Women are now accepted as being something more that just producing babies and being there to be slept with.

Between the Bond films 'Licensed to Kill' and 'Goldeneye' a lot of changes in characters were made. This is due to a lot of …show more content…

This demonstrates exactly how women's roles have changed.

We see Bond as a hero from the start of both 'Goldeneye' and 'Goldfinger' the difference being that in the earlier film, Bond used the woman, who he is kissing as a shield to save himself from being shot. This shows that he has a higher opinion of himself and complete disregard for women. It shows how women are represented as being disposable.

In the later film 'Goldeneye' Bond puts Natalias life first, when the train is about to blow up. This shows how representation of gender has changed from the earlier film. Bond now sees Natalia as an equal and wants to ensure that she is safe before himself.

Another example of how in the earlier films women were seen to be sex objects is when Bond is talking to a pretty blond woman, but as soon as Felix comes arrives Bond slaps the woman on the bottom and send her on her way declaring that she is no longer required because its 'mans talk.'

In 'Goldfinger' women are there for amusement, a trophy figure. Goldfinger himself demonstrates this himself by paying Gill to be seen with him.

'Goldeneye' shows how women are more equal. 'Zenia Onatopp' shows how women are being represented. When racing with Bond she is equally as good. She challenges him and is very assertive. 'Zenia' is represented in the same way as the men from 'Goldfinger.' (The men are all sat

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