The Research Paper Analyzes Decision- Making On What Type

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The research paper analyzes decision- making on what type of health services are provided, which is the key consideration in delivering the appropriate and accessible health care for rural and remote populations. In regards, the research conducted from Bio Med Central (BMC), the discussion suggested that financial ratios are important when understanding the financial conditions of the company. There is representation on the Return on Assets (ROA) ratio, and identifies the financial trends at BMC are favorable in the future. Despite residents of rural communities experiencing poorer health outcomes and exhibiting higher health needs, workforce shortages and maldistribution mean that rural communities do not have access to the range of …show more content…

The purpose of utilizing liquidity ratios, helps an organization reflect their ability to meet the current financial obligations. Solvency ratios assist in reflecting on the capacity to pay annual interest and principles in regards to long term debt; and profitability ratios help the organization that reflects the operating revenue over operating expense (Baker & Baker, 2014). In the research conducted, explores decision-making about physiotherapy service provisions in eleven rural and regional communities, against a context of health care rationing. Definitions of rationing and common criteria are used to frame participants (employee, stakeholders, and investors) response that help guide future discussions (Adams, Jones, Lefmann & Sheppard, 2015).
Research Questions
A brief description of financial ratios that is used by most financial analysts are used to evaluate the financial infrastructure of applying to Central (BMC), also will provide an overview that will cover the organization’s ability to meet their financial obligations. According to the company balance sheet (see Appendix A.) the discussions on the profitability trends that may be favorable, or unfavorable are based on the ratio analysis. The financial ratio analysis is the methods used, which businesses can make predictions based on the future performance of the company. According to the

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