The Resource Based Organizational Depquisition Strategy Of JBS USA Company

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When in business people come up with slogan that fit their company, every time they see the product the company logo or slogan come to mind. JBS USA Company is not an exception to the business rules when it comes to having a slogan that will stay in the heads of customers when they see a commercial with a slogan song that will stay in the heads of customer.
For example, when wanting to join the military, you think, “Be all you can be in the Army,” or if they wanted a burger your thought, “Have it your way!”. That is what the market slogans from United State Army, and Burger King, they help people remember a product which leads to an increase for customer to buy that product.
This paper presents a longitudinal study of the resource-based horizontal acquisition strategy of JBS, the most acquisitive company in the meat producing sector. Its acquisition strategy transformed a relatively small business that was founded in 1953 (comprising a butcher shop and a slaughterhouse located in a small town in the interior of Brazil) into the world’s biggest meat producer by 2010. However, the acquisition strategy of the company is not one dimensional, it changes with times and the maturity of the company. A big catalyst of the company’s expansion in the late 2000s is the financial assistance from the government, which is very common in Latin America (Degen & Wong, 2013).
JBS USA Company was founded in 1855, by Gustavus

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