The Restriction of Immigration in the United States Essay

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The Restriction of Immigration in the United States

Immigration should be restricted in the United States. There

are many political, social, and economic reasons why

restrictions should be put on immigration. The United

States Government and the welfare of its citizens are

chaotic enough, without having to deal with the influx of

thousands of new immigrants each year. Along with the

myriad immigrants to the U.S., come just as many

economic problems. Some of these problems include

unemployment, crime, and education. There are numerous

amounts of U.S. citizens who are currently receiving

welfare benefits from the government, many of whom are

immigrants. The unemployment rate has been on a steady
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Some of these issues include education, communication,

and assimilation. The public school systems of the U.S.

today are inadequate enough, without the hassle of trying to

cope with immigrants. Assuming that the immigrant children

are bilingual(most of which are not), they will still have

much trouble adjusting to the curriculum, and most likely

will need to be taught in separate classes; this requires

more teachers, space, and desperately needed money. It

can not be expected of teachers, the backbone of society

today, to coach all immigrants through their troubles, and

set aside extra class time to the soul purpose of further

explaining matters to the ignorant immigrants. A large

percentage of these immigrants will drop out of high school,

about 33.1% of recent immigrants. Many immigrants are

also criminals. Almost eighty percent of all aliens in prison

were incarcerated for drug charges. Another problem that

arises from immigration is racism. "The melting pot is

melting down. The ethnic strife is tearing the country

apart....This is destroying the social fabric of America. It's

causing ethnic warfare."(Connif,24) Along with the

economic and social quandaries of immigration, political

obstacles must also be conquered. The amount of money

spent on keeping just Mexicans out of the United States is
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