The Revolution Of One Territory

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KUDZU CONSUMER OVERVIEW: The Revolution of One territory was less compelling than Look North. This museum anthem manifesto in conjunction with the print focused the territory on innovation. The area was seen as different from other healthcare network advertising because it took the point of view of the organization versus the patient perspective. At risk in this area is that it was seen as too company-centric, lacking in a compelling consumer benefit, too clinical and missing the very important softer-more personal touch that Mom’s want for their families when it comes to healthcare.

Main Message: This territory packed a broad messaging punch – with three core thoughts: 1) Overtly conveyed the name change from NSLIJ to Northwell 2) Innovation is important at Northwell 3) Revolutionary ideas can come from anyone, at any level in the organization. Some consumers said the main idea was about revolution; others said it was about an organization that cared about all its employees and sometimes focused on innovation
The name change. That was emphasized. North Shore hospitals will change to Northwell – LI
Revolutionary ideas from the old in the museum to the new in the chip - LI
Revolutionary ideas can come from anywhere - LI
It’s a rebranding – LI
It’s about innovation – NYC
One thing can lead to many improvements – NYC
They all act as one and innovation is very important to them – NYC

Core Benefit: The perceived benefit of this idea is that innovation that can impact the…
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