The Right Kind Of Care

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The Right Kind of Care
Cultural identities and our personalities affect our perceptions. There’s a tendency to favor others who exhibit cultural or personality traits that match up with our own. Effective communication with people of different cultures can be especially challenging. Intercultural communication occurs when a member from one culture produces a message that absorbed by a member of another culture. As stated by (Jandt, 2015), “human perception is usually thought of as a three-step process of selection, organization, and interpretation, each of these steps is affected by culture. The first step in the perception process is the selection. Within your substantial limitation, you are exposed to more stimuli than you could manage. The second step in the perception process is organization. Along with selecting stimuli from the environment, you must organize them in some meaningful way. The third step in the perception process is interpretation. This refers to attaching meaning to sense data and is synonymous with decoding”.
The most important thing is to keep in mind about verbal and nonverbal behavior in intercultural communication is that they do not translate across cultures quickly and can lead to serious misunderstanding. Susan Elliot had two interviewees, Donell Chamberlain, and Vivian Minn that she was interviewing for the care of her Grandmother, who are of different ethnic background. Therefore, their verbal and nonverbal cues along with Grandmother will be

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