Principles of Care

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The core principles of care include: * Dignity * Equality * Respect * Fairness * And privacy

Dignity: Dignity is a person 's right to be treated like a human being. When we talk about human dignity, we mean human rights. If people are treated with dignity, they usually have the right to make choices for themselves. Dignity also means people are treated with respect. When we talk about dignity of the elderly, for example, we mean treating them like adults and not like children. Dignity involves privacy as well. People often feel that their dignity is compromised when their privacy is taken away. Ultimately, dignity is the idea that human beings are different from animals.

Equality: Equality is the current …show more content…

You should use preferred methods of communication to include all, meeting needs, across health, social care, mental health and special needs. You must be responsive to needs.

To build a supportive relationship abiding by the core principles include using good methods of communication, for examples if an individual is deaf, consider using sign language. Respect for culture and beliefs are vital, if a service user is a Muslim, they should not be preached or treated differently in any way. Recognition of needs is also essential, if an individual is in need of something and does not receive it, the core principles have been broken.
A needs assessment encourages supportive relationships to reduce the risk of abuse and neglect, a demonstration of a needs assessment is as follows: Needs assessment is the key to ensuring that the required range and capacity of services is available and accessible to service users and their families in a local area. A good need assessment process will: * identify the needs of a target population in a particular area; * help to prioritise those needs to ensure better planning of local services and more effective allocation of resources; * Develop an implementation plan that outlines how identified needs will be addressed.

The outcome of a needs assessment should be that service users and their families have

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