The Righteousness Of Any Church

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The righteousness of any church, especially one separate of a denomination, is not how it is structured nor what title it is named, but rather how faithfully it abides by to the instructions of Holy Scripture. There doesn’t exist a church that is infallible, because churches are made of mere humans who are adept in error. Even the Apostles, with all the favors of Spiritual Gifts that God bestowed upon them, were not devoid of mistakes.
When it comes to anything that has to do with a corporate relationship with God and their collective love, worship, and praise for Him, we always take our direction from the Word which has all authority in our lives and the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit.
When speaking of corporate worship, we must begin with a criterion imparted by both Old and New Testaments: Father-God only receives veneration presented within a Covenant context. One genuine description of worship that seeks to be scriptural, needs to initially recognize that worship is distinctive in that it is a glorification of both individual and corporate covenant bond with the Lord God Almighty. The expression “covenant” merely pronounces an unambiguous relationship between two entities, in this instance El-Shaddai and His created beings. The relationship has clearly defined prerequisites and commitments. Sometimes both entities to the covenant must keep all the commitments for the covenant to remain in force (a “conditional” covenant) while at other times God promises to

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