The Rights Of Homosexuality

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Pp. 171-182 Homosexuality has become a common public issue and gays are gaining many new rights. Do you feel U.S. culture is likely to eventually cease to discriminate against homosexuality? What are the barriers to such a condition of acceptance and equality?
In the U.S. it is very common for individuals to make a point of publicly identifying themselves as homosexual or heterosexual. Do you think such “coming out” is necessary and beneficial? Why or why not?

While the advancement of feminist perspectives in society has become prominent, those who identify as homosexual may experience obstacles in living in a society where “we are all equal.” In today’s society, equal rights for homosexuals are similar to the rights of heterosexuals, though there are still obstacles that prevent homosexuals from being entirely equal to that of their heterosexual counterparts. However, some rights that homosexuals are entitled to include: adoption, same-sex marriage, and health care benefits, which have worked to advance the life of homosexuals living in society, as these resources may not have been available to them in the past. However, despite the advancement of their lives and benefits, homosexuals will continue to fall victim to discrimination in society, solely based on difference in cultural beliefs, values, or views. In an attempt to defeat the existing alienation in society, it is vital that the United States encourage, and work towards, becoming a diverse society, in which

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