The Rights of Human Beings

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The Rights of Human Beings The support, laws, and the definition of marriage itself are changing at this very moment, and will continue to change. Same-sex marriage is becoming a hot issue, with nearly everyone under the age of 30 supporting it, yet there are still many things that need to happen before it becomes legal. The battle is ongoing and still has years ahead of it, but more and more politicians are now starting to see just where the American peoples interests are. The big issue however is sexual discrimination and how homosexuals do not have the same rights as heterosexual people. It is a natural right, one people are given from the day they’re born, and that is they’re right to choose who they love and marry. The definition of marriage is a changing one, and one that needs to be reinforced everywhere. First of all until quite recently the term marriage had a incredibly different meaning. Marriage was originally used as a means to gain wealth and power, while at the same time establishing roles for men and women in society. This was how marriage was used for most of human history, an example would be in medieval times two houses would join together by marriage to increase their power. Recently marriage took on a different meaning, and that is that people should marry for love not money, or power. When love became the norm, or what now is considered “traditional” marriage, new more liberal laws followed such as acceptance of divorce. Soon after this the people
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