The Rise Of Big Data Analytics Essay

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Introduction The rise of big data analytics has affected the 21st century American economy and businesses in many positive ways. One area where it is lagging, however, is the healthcare industry. For years, America has paid more for healthcare than any other country on Earth. This can be attributed to a number of reasons, but a large factor among these is the inefficiency of the current healthcare system and its failure to adapt to cost-saving analytics like other industries have. That is where big data analytics can step in and serve a great purpose. Big data is the process of taking mass amount of information across different, but interrelated areas in order to derive deeper meanings, insights, trends, and analysis through the usage of high-speed, high-capacity algorithms. This can be huge when one considers that as of 2014, there are 44 petabytes of information on patients in the electronic health records system. (Raghupathi) This can include medical history, imagery from patient scans, lab results, and a vast array of other information. Couple this information with the push to integrate individual’s social media posts, personal DNA sequencing, and vital data collected by smartphones and wearables, just to name a few, and it becomes evident that we as a species will be generating exuberant amounts of medical data. There are some people, however, who feel that having this information integrated into any kind of database poses a risk to the privacy of their most personal,

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