The Rise Of Communism During Great Industrial Change

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The rise of Communism came about during great industrial change. Karl Marx and Leo Tolstoy wrote during a period where large industrial cities were expanding and where a great number of the working class was living in poverty. These two factors were what really shaped their writings and views on Democracy vs. Communism. Both writers felt a strong pull towards a communistic government in order to create harmony and demolish social classes, which was putting people in great poverty. Karl Marx believed history to be a tale in which the oppressed are fighting the oppressor. The victory of either would pave the way for a future freedom in that society. This mindset led him to distinguish the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat classes. The Bourgeoisie was the higher class who owned land and the Proletariat class was the lower industrial working class. The discord came about because the Bourgeoisie relentlessly exploited the Proletariat class. All the labor done by the working class was just taken advantage of by the upper class. For example, a factory worker would get paid two dollars to make a yard of cloth. The capitalist would sell that yard of cloth for five dollars so that he could make a profit. The worker in no way benefits form the added value of the cloth, nor the fruits from his labor. He is made to be less of an individual and more of just a number. There is no individuality to his work if he is just pulling a lever all day. Marx believed in Communism because the seed
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