The Rise Of Great Nations

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The rise of great nations is a result of its citizens coming together to consider the all the possibilities to improve the state of the country and then enacting the best ones. In democracy, all people’s voices are respected and heard – but not all are logical and some are controversial. One election in America which metaphorically caused a civil war was the election between Donald J. Trump and Hilary Clinton. Both sides actively condemned the other with negative images of their opponent and a positive almost godlike image of their preferred choice. At times it appeared as if Clinton represented a traditional and logical way of thinking whilst Trump bragged about how idiosyncratic his alternative logic is. Indisputably, the opponent which…show more content…
As for wealth, it is imperative that the commander in chief improve the state of the economy by raising the Gross Domestic Product. For this category, all future presidents should enforce actions that allow the nation’s GDP to be akin to that of former president John F. Kennedy. Under his administration, GDP growth was the highest it ever has been; at 5.5% (Soergel). Regarding the concept of happiness, I believe that as far as the country is not fighting a war and racial tensions are low, then the atmosphere of this country can be gleeful. In contrast to former presidents Obama and Kennedy, Trump has a unique and illogical way of pursuing these qualifications. Our current president is renowned for bypassing the basic tenets of logic, creating his own in the process, and have half of the nation under his spell. There are a myriad of policies that President Donald Trump intends to implement that beat common sense, but of all, the biggest are regarding health care, domestic jobs, immigration, and Muslims. Concerning health care reform, President Trump intends to “repeal and replace” every aspect of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) that former President Barack Obama signed into law. At first glance, there should not be a tremendous amount of controversy revolving around this topic if the current adversities of Obamacare were replaced with something that is clear and transparent. However, President Trump’s plan is irrational because
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