The Rise Of Hitler : The Power Of Adolf Hitler

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In 1933, Germany had begun to fall under the power of a deceptive leader with strong intentions whose popularity and support almost aided him to achieve his goal of world domination. As this man orchestrated his way through his sovereignty, he managed to catch the eye of nearly every German in Germany as well as many other people in the world. This man’s name is Adolf Hitler. Hitler was seen as an enemy to others, but came off as a dependable leader to Germans as he helped with the major hyperinflation which caused them to grow desperate for a change. While his enemies may have believed his leadership was unorthodox, he still managed to not only take over a whole country, but carry out one of history’s largest genocides ever recorded in human history. He also managed to rise through the Weimar Republic in order to establish the Third Reich as the new government for Germany, which was made possible by the substantial support gained from the German population. HITLER’S FOLLOWERS Hitler gained a lot of support over the years from German citizens giving him the power to do whatever he wanted without being stopped. He started to gain support when he became a speaker for the Nazis, spreading around false propaganda that the Germans believed. Even though his speeches were untrue his followers stayed with him and listened to anything he said. Those who disliked what Hitler would say or questioned his motives were executed. An
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