Hitlers Rise To Power

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Hitler’s Rise to Power Despite Germany being in a difficult time and facing many struggles after World War One, Adolf Hitler would be the one who decided to take a stand and turn Germany’s current situation around. His vision when he started his triumph was that he would make a ‘pure’ form of Germany, which sounds off putting since it’s widely known what he did to make that pure Germany, but he actually improved Germany in many ways. He achieved this through becoming big in the Reichstag, gaining followers, and performing publicity stunts or violent acts such as Kristallnacht or the Beer Hall Putsch, to push his way into power. But once in power it can’t be denied that he ultimately took a stand for Germany by improving their economy vastly,…show more content…
When nobody else was going to ‘take a stand’ for them and not let themselves be pushed around and told what they can and can’t do by a complete other country, Adolf Hitler decided that he would be the one to do so. He had to change their problems with their economy, since they were starting to have massive inflation, which was leading into the billions to one dollar. And their military restraints which came with the Treaty of Versailles after WWI. And having to give up their own land to places like ________ after WWI as…show more content…
One of the many stunts pulled by the Nazi party, Kristallnacht, was just the beginning of their campaign in Germany. ______Insert information about what happened in Kristallnacht____. With the night of violence against the Jews, there was also more and more propaganda beginning to appear throughout Germany. In turn, even though our society would perceive the tactics that were used by the Nazi Party as harsh and cruel, the tactics, without a doubt, were highly effective in their conquest to ‘make Germany great again.’ Once the Germans got their way and had all of the power to do what they wanted, they did in fact end up making Germany greater in some ways like the
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