The Rise Of The Fascist Party Essay

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There are multiple causes that allow The Fascist party to snake its way up to the top. A national social crisis has a portion in causing fascism to grow powerful. A national economic disaster is another part that causes fascism to develop, even further. A charismatic leader creates a major chunk of causing fascism to rise to the top of the pyramid. A nation that is desperate to get back to normal is something that causes fascism to dominate the people’s minds. Fascism has a multitude of causes, if these causes happen simultaneously, then that is a formula for a fascist party to take over.
The idea of Fascism did not start with Adolf Hitler in Germany, but actually, the idea of Fascism was developed in Italy and lived on for about 23 years. Benito Mussolini was one of the first leaders to use Fascism and did it successfully for 21 years. Benito Mussolini was one of the first leaders to use Fascism but was sadly not the last. Adolf Hitler was a Nazi-Fascist leader of Germany for about 11 years. Francisco Franco was a Fascist leader of Spain for about 36 years. Unfortunately, the reign of Fascism did not stop there and neither did the effects of Fascism.
In order for Fascism to properly dominate a country, there would be a need for a social crisis. In other words, the country needs to be blamed for something or be in a tinted spotlight. The people of that country should not feel proud of their country. According to president Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his speech called The

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