The Rise Of The Melodrama

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The Rise of the Melodrama in the 19th Century In the nineteenth century, many movements arose in the field of theatre both in the United States and in Europe. Some of the movements that took place in the west together with the melodrama includes the plays o naturalism, Romanticism, well-made plays of scribes and Sardou, Wilde’s drawing-room comedies, symbolism and the farces of Feydeau as depicted in the late works of Henrik Ibsen. Melodrama is a collective name to refer to open group of films that the majority of reviewers refers to as romance, thrillers, and drama. The melodrama as a source of entertainment is believed to have spread rapidly in the nineteenth century due to the growth of industrial revolution and urban development (McHugh 41). It is important to note that this genre is multi-disciplinary in its nature as it accepts elements from another category of films, hence the open name category. Therefore, melodrama is one of the widely most appreciated and has attracted the interest of many reviewers since the nineteenth century, hence the rapid rise. The movies under this category have attracted the attention of many reviewers because of some reasons. The films are widely appreciated because of their wider exposition of culture as well as sophisticated and rich subject matter. The show of culture and emotional expression that the movie contains has drastically changed the description of the category from action films to relationship film. Additionally, the movies
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