The Rise Of World War II Essay

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World War II is usually associated with genocide, atomic bombs, and Hitler. Often times the positive outcomes that came from such a deadly war between nations is forgotten in the musk of death and power. The instability in Europe created by World War I, set stage for the rise of Hitler. Germany at the time was economically and politically unstable. Due to them being blamed for the first World War and the harsh consequences enforced by the Treaty of Versailles, it made it easier for Hitler to rise to power. World War II began in 1939, when Germany invaded Poland without properly declaring war. The rise of America as a super power began when Japan surprisingly attacked a navy base in Pearl Harbor, two years into the war. The quick reaction and declaration of war from the United States displayed the nation as strong and prepared. To become a super power, a nation must have vast international political influence, an overpowering military and a growing indestructible economy. It was this war, which caused the United States to rise to such power. Though the United States was not involved in any form of warfare when the war first began in 1939, they did provide economic support to Britain, since their economy was struggling. “During the war, it (United States) built a mammoth military establishment... it became involved in a host of complex… economic, political, and military problems across the world.” (Herring, 538). America emerged as a super power from World War II because of
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