The Risk Of Injury Within Athletic Participation

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Allied healthcare professionals have a legal responsibility to those in which they provide care. The risk of injury within athletic participation is undeniable and unavoidable. While it is not possible to completely eliminate the threat of harm, it is indeed plausible to minimize the risks. This is a necessity, for failure to do so can result in danger to the athletes they treat, as well as to their professional reputation and career. Sports medicine, unfairly, is a discipline that is in the spotlight due to the visibility of competitions which are frequently played in front of crowds and cameras. Practicing their craft to an audience furthermore increases the importance of always acting promptly, professionally, within their training, and efficiently. When their performance fails to meet the standard in which is expected, this is when litigation can become a very realistic possibility. The most frequent legal problem a sports medicine professional will face is liability, which is legal responsibility to perform duties in a reasonable and prudent manner, specifically if they cause damage or harm. Most times, this is due to negligence, the failure to give reasonable care or do what another prudent person with similar experience, knowledge, and background would have done under the same or similar circumstances. To find an individual negligent, the injured person must prove there was a duty of care, there was a breach of that duty, there was harm, and the harm was directly
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