The Road By Cormac Mccarthy

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Good moral is what makes a good person. Why would you want to be good when everything around you is bad? How can you want to be the better person when the only a reason to live is to avoid death? Morality is a principle concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. The road is a novel written by Cormac McCarthy that tells the story of a boy and a man fighting the dead society. The world has been destroyed, cities have burned, and more than half of the population has died. They are fighting to keep their good ethics and morality while still not trying to die. In an apolitical world the only reason to listen to morality is to believe the world will change and that being good will one day make a difference.
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But then he remembers that the world has been destroyed and he is brought back where he was in the first place. They will meet an old man on the edge of death and he will tell them “there is no god and we are his prophets” (p171). According to him they are the witness to the absence of God from the universe. So if there is no god do we still respect the moralities we believed he put in place?
The man and the boy believe they find what they need in moments of desperation because they are being rewarded for being good. They are always stuck in the middle of the unconscious and the real. They are always force to see the world, the reality before thinking of the unconscious, the good side of morality and god. The man is stuck in a dilemma of if there is a god or not, he is constantly doubting while still wanting to believe that there is no god. He finds another reason to use his ethnics and morals, the boy. The man is still forced to see some good in the world because he does not want to believe that his son was made to live in a world where there is no longer any humanity. The boy makes the man see the good. He makes the man want to be moral to believe that by being good the boy will be rewarded with a good life. Their morality has a limit. Early in the novel, the man and the child encounter a man who has recently been struck by lightning and is clearly at the point of death. The child wants to help him, but

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