The Road To Independence By Joe Hagmann Analysis

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From the perspective of a parent, whose primary concern is the wellbeing of their child, some of the author’s points seem valid. However, I find the author, Joe Hagmann, has his tin foil hat on, and the thought that the entertainment industry is conducting an elaborate scheme to brainwash children, is a tad further than ridiculous.
To eliminate independence from the equation doesn’t seem like a sound idea in my opinion. Yes, for the most part parents are an excellent force of guidance that can steer a child in the correct direction, but limited exposure to the media and the un-Godly world we live in won’t be as useful when they’re old enough to leave the nest. I don’t believe that a parent’s word will be enough to prepare oneself for reality. For instance, you can describe to someone how to make a movie with an infinite amount of detail, but it’s trumped by the much simpler option of showing them a movie and learning by example. Would a 9 year old, like Hagmann’s be too young for complete autonomy and control in their life. Yes. I, however, believe that the road to independence should be gradual, and that parents should have full authority, and then throw them into the deep end when they’re still highly dependent on them.
I view a bad TV show, like the one described by the author, as an excellent opportunity to draw a line in the sand between right and wrong. Besides, plenty of TV shows exemplify good morals and virtues, and often when the characters make an horrendous
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