The Road to Mecca Study Guide Answers

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The Road to Mecca – Study guide questions
Exercise page 75
1) 3
2) Helen, she is the protagonist of the play. The entire play is played out in Helen’s home. She is also the reason Elsa comes to New Bethesda, to visit Helen because she is worried about her emotional state. Helen is also the reason for Marius’s visits; he cares for her and tries to fit her into his world. All of the characters gather at Helen’s home to discuss her emotional state and future.
3) Elsa relates to Helen through her “Mecca” she sees it as Helen wants it to be seen and she has been drawn to it from the first moment she saw it as she states “ Believe me Helen, when I saw your “Mecca” for the first time, I just stood there and gaped.”(Page 22). To Elsa,
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Another example is the women Elsa meets beside the road that was evicted from the farm by the “baas” because her husband died.
Trust: The trust between Helen and Elsa how it is broken in the middle of the play but built up again at the end.
Journeys: The journey Helen takes her entire life to complete her “Mecca” and the one that lies ahead now that her “Mecca” is completed. Elsa’s journey to forget all the negative things in her life and to move on to a better place. Marius’s journey to save Helen ever since she started her “Mecca” as well as the journey he completed since his wife passed, and in the end of the play to forget Helen and how he feels about her.

Exercise page 81
1) At first glance I found the art strange because it reminded me of a graveyard, but you look at the individual pieces you can see the different images that she tried to depict, but I still don’t find them attractive.
2) I think she would have been a creative person with an interesting imagination, who loved making statues and incorporating them in her garden. I think she also had a love for animals and the middle-east with the different images she depicts.
3) Yes, there is a sculpture that looks like a church which reminds me of

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