The Rock Opera Jesus Christ Star

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The rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar was written by Tim Rice, then 25-year-old lyricist and Andrew Lloyd-Webber, then 21-year-old composer. The rock opera portrays the last seven days of the life of Jesus as it was seen through the Judas’ eyes. This piece of art is considered as a fairly radical rock hybrid concerning the final days of the life of Jesus. This was the third musical that had been written by Webber and Rice. His long fascination with Judas Iscariot made him perceive Judas as a dear friend of Jesus who was struggling with the consequences of the growing celebrity of Jesus rather than a craven betrayer of Christ (Evita Music, pg. 16).
Despite this musical finding broad support among the vast liberal Christian churches, the piece was nonetheless too controversial as to get financial backing that was essential for its stage production. The lyrics of this musical were particularly clunky and its score normally overwrought. Despite this, this musical was the turning point of popular cultural representation of Jesus as it consequently made a powerful statement concerning the celebrity figure in the process.
Thesis statement: The musical, Jesus Christ Superstar is about the suffering as well as the pain that was caused to an individual by the dehumanizing effect of fame.
Jesus representation in Jesus Christ Superstar was particularly influenced by the Jesus Movement as well as the hippie culture that emerged in California in the late 60s. This prompted several…

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