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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, an instant cult classic from the 70's. Documenting a "Sweet Transvestite's" longing for the perfect lover, with no strings attached. Genetic Engineering along with lighting, a dark castle, and a few unorthodox love scenes made a few laugh, a few cry, and left many disgusted. Yet just how many sweet transvestites could there be in the world; certainly Aldous Huxley's Brave New World's idealized social and sexual interaction could have influenced this Transelvanian utopia, however odd it may seem. Also, the more we document the differences between Huxley's creation and our world, be it in entertainment or real life the more similarities stand out. In regards to social
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"A sudden noise of shrill voices made him open his eyes and, after hastily brushing away his tears, look round. What seemed an interminable stream of identical eight-year old male twins was pouring into the room. Twin after twin, twin after twin, they came--a nightmare. Their faces, their repeated face--for there was only one between the lot of them--puggishly stared, all nostrils and pale goggling eyes. Their uniform was khaki. All their mouths hung open. Squealing and chattering they entered. In a moment, it seemed, the ward was maggoty with them. They swarmed between the beds, clambered over, crawled under, peeped into the television boxes, made faces at the patients." {Huxley 207}
This lack of feeling regarding death is by far one of the most outlandish ideas in the novel, but is our world all that different? After the Heaven's gate mass suicide 39 religious followers were subjected to the harshest discrimination any group could endure, but these people could not defend themselves. In there final resting places they were photographed and displayed throughout the world as oddities, such as Linda dying in front of a group of youngsters. Shrouded by a triangular purple cloth, dressed alike, and carrying similar items{Miller} they were dismissed as another subject for comic relief.
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