The Roi On The Mba

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The ROI on the MBA
According to the most current information available, the Graduate Management Admission Councils "The 2003 Global MBA Graduate Study" median full-time MBA students earned 50,000 pre-degree. Upon completion, the same graduate expected to earn $75,000, excluding bonuses; a 50% bump in salary.
When lost wages are included, the expenditure for the MBA increased $262,000, including lost wages of $139,000. It is doubtful wages lost during that fallow period can ever be regained.
A manager 's dilemma
Many companies offer generous incentives for employees to complete graduate degrees. However, according to a 2012 Bloomberg BusinessWeek study fully 64% of recent MBA grads intend to switch careers as the economy improves. According to university placement officials among the top 10 business schools in the country, this trend is likely to continue, and in fact increase.
Salaries of graduates of top programs are increasing at such a rate they are surpassing previous grads, and in some cases recapturing lost income.
Financial illiteracy rampant in the corporate world – FT
In a study of more than 1000 managers starting a program at IMD (International Institute for Management Development, Switzerland), the financial Times found even six years after the global recession began, financial illiteracy is a major problem in the corporate world. The research found this lack of knowledge made it more difficult for nonfinancial managers and board members to foresee and prevent

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