The Role Of A Business Consultant?

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The role of a business consultant can be defined as “a professional who helps organizations improve their performance, primarily through the thorough analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement” (Banai and Tulimieri 2013). Simply put, business consultants ultimately solve problems in order to improve the processes within an organization (Banai and Tulimieri 2013). However, there are many variants to such an occupation and the role of a consultant may differ depending on the years of experience within the industry. As Banai and Tulimieri mention, junior consultants who have not been in the industry for long may spend most of their time doing research and collecting data as opposed to senior consultants who are more likely to use their time in supervising teams and managing clients (Adams and Zanzi, 2004). Furthermore, according to David Butler a consultant at Butler consulting, “The interesting part of being a consultant is that everyday is different. Butler Consultants is a small consulting company. A typical day is a blend of working on specific files for clients, staying up to date on potential request for proposals and potential new clients. “The role is finding solutions for the clients so that they can increase revenue and gain competitive advantage over their competitors” (Butler, 2015). Nevertheless, the consulting role can get quite stressful especially when companies want their problems resolved quickly and you are responsible
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