Unit 3 Assignment 1: Consulting Emerging Technologies

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Consulting: Emerging Technologies
As a consultant that has been tasked to upgrade and improve a business, I would be sure and conduct research so that all of my ‘ducks are in a row”. I would make sure that the project is in fact doable and that specific goals have been set.
I would make sure that a good point of contact has been established so that they knew who I was, my purpose, and set up a meeting time.
My first questions to the appointed project manager would be the basic, “Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How much?
First off the “Who”. Who do I report to? Who is the project manager? Who will be assisting me? Next is “What”. What are the expectations, needs, and outcome are they are looking for? “When”, do we start, and when is the expected completion date or deadline? …show more content…

I would also explain if they are still using a legacy system, which is defined by Barn McDavitt, author of Migration of Legacy Systems, “ A computer system or application program built on what has since become obsolete technology, but continues to be used due to the cost of replacing or redesigning is not feasible.”(Web) As I first stated, as my customer, I must do what I can for this business. Customers are always said ‘to be right’, I do not always agree with this, however as their consultant, I must do what I can to keep them happy. In doing so, I must stick to my plan. I must also meet all deadlines and deliver a product that they will satisfied with. I do want them to be a repeat customer and get the word out there that I do good work. I would also implement a good follow up schedule and honor all promises and guarantees that have been set forth in the contract. Bottom line is to be knowledgeable, honest, and do not make promises that can’t be

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