The Role Of A Serious Stereotypical Male Fan

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On October 12, 2015 four of my friends came to my house, sat in my living room, and watched the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the San Diego Chargers in the final few seconds of an incredibly exciting football game. The final score was 24-20. But, this particular social gathering was a little bit different as one of the fans, myself, chose to take on the role of a serious stereotypical male fan. This was achieved by dressing in my daughter’s Ben Roethlisberger’s number 7 jersey, planting myself in the seat closest to the television, cheering loudly, and refraining from my usual hostessing duties that I normally undertake. Watching sports is stereotypically considered a male activity, but recent trends indicate that women are showing a greater interest in sports and that there is now roughly an equal amount of males and females who consider themselves to be sport fans (Galyon & Wann, 2012). Women sometimes downplay their gender identities in order to reinforce their fan identities (Jones, 2008). This is just what I attempted to do as I refrained from applying cosmetics and dressing in flattering stereotypical feminine clothes, and by not taking on the role caregiver and waitress during the game in order to be an active participant in this qualitative research assignment. Typically, sports has been considered a male practice and continues ideologically as a male domain (Jones, 2008). Women have only recently been discovered as true sport fans by teams and related businesses.

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