The Role Of Advertising In Advertising

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In today’s society, advertising plays a huge part in sale production around the world. Advertising is found in almost every place imaginable and even in places a person least expects it. Some advertisements are very noticeable and distinct, while others are very subtle yet the human eye tends to catch them. There are different types of advertisements which include signs, posters, newspapers, Internet, television, movies and much more. Advertisements remain successful by appealing to specific audiences. The audience targeted through advertisements are usually based off of society’s views on the product or what the advertisement is trying to “say.” Advertisements also play an important role in constructing the idea of gender. The idea of gender, usually focused around masculinity v. sexuality in women. A large majority of advertisements in today’s society, convey women as sexual figures, which can be seen as degrading towards women. The advertisement featuring Lucy Pinder for Lynx Dry: 48 hour Anti-perspirant, the company is also known as Axe in the United States, conveys this message. The advertisement was released in June 2011, before being banned in the United Kingdom for being degrading towards women. In the advertisement, the women is shown removing a turkey from an oven, while dressed in lingerie. The advertisement conveys a strong message against women and uses sexual appeal to influence men who value the shown qualities in a women, which are degrading to women. This

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