The Role Of Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs

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Individuals who have encountered an event of a heart attack, angina, heart failure, stroke, coronary artery bypass graft, or heart valve surgery experience multiple unfavourable healthcare outcomes. Cardiac health conditions are an enduring healthcare concern with alarming associated complications and risks. These lifelong chronic conditions affect both patient and family’s quality of life, ultimately, requiring ongoing management for cardiac patients to live longer and healthier lives. Cardiac rehabilitation programs reduce mortality and morbidity rates (Dalal, Doherty & Taylor, 2015). These programs are medically controlled cardiac programs which will modify a patient’s wellbeing and lifestyle, by implementing new lifestyle skills to …show more content…

The benefits of cardiac rehabilitation, encompasses the reduction of cardiac health medication necessities, decrease in blood pressure values, decrease in hospital admissions and hospital stays (Sagar , Davies, Brisco, Coats, Dalal, Lough, Rees, Singh & Taylor., 2015), prevent further cardiac health problems, reduce the risk of fatal heart attacks and ,ultimately improve quality of life.
Post hospital stay and admission of the cardiac patient post cardiac event will be provided education on cardiac rehabilitation programs. The length of cardiac rehabilitation programs differ according to the cardiac patient’s condition, cardiac health needs the patient requires and the cardiac event the patient has encountered. Cardiac rehabilitation programs are provided in an outpatient clinic or may also be implemented in the cardiac patients home. Cardiac rehabilitation in a patient’s home is inclusive of, telephone support, online Heart Education Assessment and Rehabilitation Toolkit (HEART), and home visits from services in the community, (Recommended Framework for Cardiac Rehabilitation, 2004). Cardiac rehabilitation programs require expertise from a range of professionals from the multidisciplinary team including, a cardiologist, a cardiac rehabilitation nurse, physician, dietician,

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