The Role Of Climate Change In Antarctica

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Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth. With many glaciers and icebergs, it’s a cool place! There are many diverse organisms that live in Antarctica. Humans are changing the ecosystem in the worst ways. From oil spills to global warming, humans are harming not only Antarctica, but the animals and plants that call Antarctica home. People are dumping raw sewage and trash in the oceans. Although we may not realize it, Antarctica is being affected in negative ways. Humans do multiple things that affect the continent. For example, oil spills are becoming a major concern. More ship accidents are occurring, and although now we are able to contain oil spills, oil travels. A ship accident might occur thousands of miles far from Antarctica, but the oil does find it’s way to the Antarctic Ocean, affecting sea life. Global warming is also an issue. Antarctica is very sensitive to climate change. Thus, temperatures increase faster. As a result, ice is thinning, which is important for the wildlife. Lastly, dumping things in the ocean can affect sea life negatively. People dump all sorts of things in the oceans: trash, sewage, and useless items. Like oil, trash can travel the sea’s currents and wind up in the Southern Ocean. These items can harm wildlife. …show more content…

There is now regulations in place, such as special permits to set foot in Antarctica. Visitors aren’t allowed to take organisms away unless granted another permit. These kinds of permits help protect the wildlife that thrives in Antarctica. Also, there are regulations for sewage and trash dumping. Sewage passes special treatment that is checked before dumped. As for trash, it is either burned, shredded, compacted, frozen, or dumped at another place. To add on, the oil must be discharged at special ports, and ships are now required to be checked often to prevent accidents. To wrap it up, people are trying to fix what they did to

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